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Humility. Do You Have Enough?

Somewhere in this age of great revelation we seem to believe humility is a curse we are saved from. Sad. We feel it is somehow our responsibility to keep leaders humble while in the process, we have lost it for ourselves. Leaders have their own responsibility to lead with humility and those who follow have their own to live with humility as well.

No, We Don’t Fear God

When understanding more leads you to do less- maybe you’re forgetting something? God is not to be feared. Why? Mostly because we have no idea what the word means in the absence of discipline. We have massaged our thoughts of God to such a romantic level that we have removed a sense of awe and wonder.

Why is the Supernatural Uncomfortable?

What is the point of speaking in tongues and why is the conversation so controversial?

Is it OK for Christians to be selfish?

3 min read. If the Holy Spirit was sent to be our Helper, can this be interpreted for selfish advantage? The Holy Spirit was sent to help you. YOU. This gives you an advantage including Kingdom future and life now.

When life looks like this, how do we enjoy peace?

Why was Jesus chastised? To bring us peace. The specific moment when the high priest, chief priests, elders and scribes were verbally assaulting Jesus and falsely accusing Jesus and slapping His face and pulling His beard was for the purpose of bringing us peace. Your. Peace.

How to find your modern giftedness.

If we are in Christ, we will demonstrate at least one of these principle graces: the Spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, and knowledge. Which one of these excites you? If you don’t have the answer, maybe we can take a journey in a few paragraphs towards the answer.

The Non-Necessity of Non-Gifts

Have you ever done something so spectacular that just the doing was the reward? Your gift is equally as important as any other. What gift has God entrusted to you?

People who become their potential do this

This is where our passions get their spark- doing what we love isn’t work even though we are working. Changing isn’t work when you love Jesus.

It’s Been Such a Long Time?

God has been creating great purpose before you that could not make any sense until now.

When God Takes A Vacation

In a season of bombarding political opinions- the Gospel must again become the national standard.

A Kingdom As If

When the muttering of your soul goes from hope to complaint- maybe it’s time to plant something new.

Tomorrow’s Today

Yesterday’s formulas were never intended for today’s battles. A conversation with Jesus proves faith is now.

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