People who become their potential do this

2 Corinthians 5:21 ESV
For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

You are basically, almost awesome.

This morning you woke up, stared into the mirror and suddenly beheld your actuality and potentiality. You actually looked awful, but potentially you looked smashing. In the space between awful and dapper was work. Someone made that outfit so you could wear it, they developed those products for you to use. Their doing was because they recognized your actuality and potentiality at the same time.

The only thing between you and awesome is sin- not the sin you were forgiven from when you decided to follow Jesus but the lingering sin that, if unchecked, will wreck your relationships, disqualify you from your dream job and tether you to a powerless, lukewarm Christianity. Leaving that sin is becoming like Jesus.

Becoming is refusing to let God’s movement among you and for you be in vain. When God calls you to follow Him into your potentiality, it is not a lesson in self-control- it is becoming.

For our sake, God moved. God saw sin and therefore made Him to be sin (who knew no sin) so that we might become.

Becoming is work.

Now, this is where our passions get their spark. Because going to a job you love is not work even though you are working. Going home to children you love isn’t work even though you are working. Serving Jesus isn’t work even though you are working. Do you see it? We have projected everything we hate about working onto serving Jesus. If I don’t want to become a carpenter I may hate working with lumber. However, if I want to become an artist, I love the work of art. It’s my passion.

So, if I love the words of wisdom Jesus spoke to the crowds, I will meditate on those words. If I love the example Jesus demonstrated, I will study His movements and implement them in similar circumstances. If I want to be powerful and Jesus promised power from prayer, then the work of prayer isn’t just work- it is becoming powerful.

Because we love Jesus- we love the work of becoming like Jesus. We don’t quit when we make mistakes but we don’t make excuses either. We don’t say the work isn’t necessary. Of course, the work is necessary. And we want it to be necessary because we love becoming. Don’t we?

What do you want to become today?

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