About Streams Church

Who We Are

“so that everyone will hear the Gospel and experience the Power of God”

– Shawn Scarborough, Lead Pastor

STREAMSCHURCH.TV is ferociously committed to the Gospel and absolutely believes the gifts of the Holy Spirit are a vital part of God’s community today. It’s who we are. We want our story to read like a page out of the Gospel. So wherever you are on your spiritual journey- there is somewhere greater.

Let’s get there together.

Just imagine your life with a crowd of people cheering you on. We want to be those people. There was a time we all had crazy dreams like being an astronaut, a football player or even a princess. Then came life. Suddenly, our trajectory took a different path until we were no longer confident in our purpose. We remember it- we just don’t believe it anymore.

We want you to dream again.

New Life

Life begins with following Jesus. Without Jesus nothing else matters- He gives you salvation, healing and even peace. Every day, He invites you to follow Him by using those God-given gifts that bring you happiness.

Growing Faith

Why gather with the church and never grow? Why listen to something so flat your questions remain unanswered? The Gospel is either a cornerstone to build life on or a stumbling block to keep tripping over. There is nothing in the middle. Streams Church wants to communicate truth in such a forward-thinking way you grow or quit. Growing faith builds better families, stronger communities and gives hope to a hurting world. Anything less is boring.

Best Friends

It takes a lifetime to become old friends. We believe your best friends should be found in the community of God. The person sitting next to you or that family in your small group are sources of counsel and encouragement. You were created to enjoy life with one another.

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