Faithful Fear

If whatever you are doing is isolating you- you probably need to course correct. Ignore the fear. Get out of the cave and find the greatness God has for you in community.

That’s It?

Faith is a process with twists and turns and suffering and cheer. How we handle each depends on how strong faith has become. What happens when you pray?

The Commended

Faith is present at our sudden awareness of the Gospel of God. What we do with that reality makes all the difference. Faith comes with something to believe (assurance) and something to do (conviction). Always.

Enough is Not Enough

Only when our desire to satisfy God is stronger than the natural desire to satisfy ourselves will we ever pursue Him without settling for less and turn the world upside down.

Lucky You

Your work matters. Your life matters. Please don’t sabotage your reward by becoming discouraged by others. Keep doing it. One day God will reward you.


When we become desensitized to misinformation we will eventually slide to the point of embracing egregious errors. Suddenly, instead of seeking God with nearby wise counselors we are all alone reaching out for something that will never satisfy. False doctrine has always been a debilitating influence.

Graceful Sin

God’s peace is more than a feeling- it is an actual state of being. The Gospel unconditionally gives you a new story that beautifully unfolds with a few conditions.

Victorious Mistakes

When your faith is on the ropes and your hope has been drained, there is but one thing to do- call to mind the promise of God.

Who’s the Boss

We’re all leaders, but we’re not all good at it. Jesus blows up modern motivation with a chat about slaves.

Bright Fear

Do we fear God or not? When we view God as the Creator who is indifferent to our lifestyle- we don’t fear Him.

Wisdom Less Thirty

Why am I doing this? We can do the same dumb things twice, or we can recognize the source and make changes. Today.

Road Rash

The opportunity to follow Jesus demands us to be spiritual. Spiritual people are neither just experience or just well-read. They hear and understand. They are practitioners of what they believe.

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