Kids at Streams

God has always connected with the generations- the patriarchs, the apostles and the modern church. Even now, God wants a relationship with you- a conversation that will increase your happiness, healing and your faith. Today’s families and leaders are different. More diverse, better connected and we have more choices.

Can we believe the amazing stories of the Bible? Can we actually model the life of Jesus Christ? Can we have God in the middle of everything rather than ignore Him? Can we capture the depth of scripture while including the shallow, raw energy of life- everyone’s life?

We believe we can.

STREAMSCHURCH.TV is that place your kids will beg to come back. They will enjoy fantastic stories, amazing characters and a loving staff who are dedicated to partnering with their journey of faith. Lifelong friends will be made as their relationship with Jesus connects them with others.

Once you arrive on campus, just follow the signs and we’ll get them checked-in so you can enjoy the service.

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