New Comers

Your STREAMSCHURCH.TV experience begins the moment you drive onto our campus. Flags are waving in the lawn and our VIP Team can’t wait to meet you under the entrance tent. Come in and splurge on coffee and doughnuts (on us, of course) while you meet some great people and relax in our community spaces. Drop the kids off in their age-specific environment and get ready for a move of God.

Before the auditorium clock runs down to 00:00, the band usually wakes us up with their rendition of something loud and obnoxious. After the fun, we get serious and create a worship moment that will bring you into a place of greater purpose. The current series will then be introduced by a video teaser and Shawn will give that rapid-fire talk you’ll be thinking about the rest of the week. There are always opportunities for prayer or ministry sometime during the worship experience or after the final amen.

Walk out, live your faith, invite a friend and come back next week.

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